Special Obstacle Solutions (SOS) would like to work with you to design your custom project.  This service is provided whether you want to do the construction or hire a contractor. Using our service will save you time and money in the long run. Working out the design elements and being able to "see" what you're going to get will help prevent the changes and re-do work that would cost you more.
Please understand that the amount being charged for this service is minimal.  A typical built in entertainment center depending upon the level of detail and complexity will take between 30 and 80+ hours work to design and draw.  

The pricing below is for a project the size of a typical built-in entertainment center that would be around 6-8 foot across.  Projects that are larger or smaller and depending upon complexity, may require a price change.  When you will contact us about your project with general details about size and complexity we will present a proposal to you with pricing set specifically for your project.
You may choose any of the “Packages” noted below as a starting point, and if you decide to, upgrade later to the next level for the “Add” (+=$###) difference. There is a more detailed version of these descriptions in the “Design Proposal.pdf” document on below.

Design Proposal.pdf
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Basic Design Package $110.00      This will cover the costs of designing the unit and developing a simple 2D (2 Dimensional) drawing of the project with at least 3 views and all major measurements.  This stage allows you to work out the options and general design before moving on to the next step in the project.

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B. Pictorial Design Package $220.00 (+= $120) This package will include all of “A” stated above, and the development of simplified 3D (3 Dimensional) drawings of the project with all major components (Doors, Drawers, Trim, etc.).  This stage allows you to get a much better idea of how the project is going to look with the sizing and proportions in relation to its surroundings.

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C. Textured Design Package $330.00 (+= $120) This package includes both “A” and “B” above but additionally will provide surface texturing and coloring to match as close as possible (within software limitations) what the finished project will look like with 3D views where the different parts are opened or partially opened to show operation and interior layouts.

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Complete Design Package $440.00 (+= $120) This is the complete package that will supply everything in A-C above and also a complete set of part layout for the project. If you have the skills and tools, this package would be enough for you to build it yourself.