Details About the "Office"


1995 Ford F150
  • Extended Cab, Short Bed, 5.0 V8 (93 Octane), EOD 4 Spd Auto Trans, Tow Package, Custom Side Mirrors.
  • Home built utility box - Steel Frame, Fiberglass over 1/4" Ply
  • Tools and supplies on full length side boxes, and when not on vacation all other tools, ladders etc inside. 
  • When on vacation, '99 Harley Dyna Low-Rider is in back.
  • Kenne Bell Supercharger @6PSI, Boost & Fuel Pres Gauge On Pillar.
  • F350 Rear Axle, 4:10 w/16" Rims and 30" OD BFG-AT Tires
  • 3.5" Single piece Driveshaft w/Oversized U-Joints
  • Gear Vendor Overdrive - now it's an 8 speed!
  • 0-60 before KB installation was 11.2/11.3, after was 9.7/9.8
  • After installing headers and changing to 29.5" OD tires from original 31" 0-60 is 9.15.
  • KB installation only engine mod was to change plugs to Denso Iridium.  Stock: Computer, Fuel pumps, Air Cleaner, Intake controls, EGR system.  1 weekend install for me, KB directions weren't the greatest, but they worked.